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Why Consider an Established Independent Advisor Network?

Many advisors find it easier to go independent as part of an established firm. You are able to enjoy true independence while benefiting from logistical support, lower startup costs, shared overhead and other economies of scale. By sharing the knowledge of those who’ve already made their move, your transition can be smooth and efficient.

Stratos Wealth Partners provides the freedom to:

  • Choose your business model and location
  • Decide spending priorities
  • Recommend the best solutions to your clients
  • Build equity in your future as an owner/Partner
  • Control your own destiny

As a Stratos Wealth Partners independent advisor, you are able to recommend the investment solutions that best meet your clients’ needs. You’re free from the pressure to push specific products or meet “informal” cross-selling goals. And you won’t have to worry about client relationships being compromised by senior management’s agenda or bad press.

Ask us how a model focused on putting clients’ needs first leads to better outcomes for you and your clients.

  • More meaningful client relationships
  • Long-term client retention
  • Increased referrals
  • Increased profitability through economies of scale
  • Higher income potential

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